The $5.99 Trader Joe’s Bouquet

the $5.99 bouquet

Trader Joe’s is my spot for many reasons, but one of the best items to purchase there are the flowers. With bouquets at various price points and styles, I’m a sucker for them. It doesn’t help that they are the first thing you see when you walk through the doors of my local one. This $5.99 bouquet had a great variety of summer flowers, and with a little bit of trimming and thoughtful arranging, my inexpensive bouquet transformed into something special.  Read more

State Fair Style


Today you get a double dose on The Lipstick Giraffe: a bit of style for the ladies and the fellas. Me and my mister went to the California State Fair for a fun weeknight excursion. One thing that any fair goer knows is that it is ALWAYS HOT. While some may ignore the weather and wear whatever they feel for the sake of making a statement, the majority of attendees dress to stay cool. But staying cool doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style.

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4th of July Style

the lipstick giraffe_federalist

With 4th of July just a few days away, there are flag tee shirts, dresses and decor all around! But you don’t need to be star-spangled to dress in spirit. All it takes is a little denim and some pops of red to make your red, white and blue dreams come true.

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What’s In My Bag | A Weekend Away

outfits for carry on luggage

I’m leaving on a jet plane to Boston for the weekend and one thing that I was certain of when it came to packing was that I did NOT want to have an overloaded suitcase. I always pack with these three words in mind: “Just in case,” and that hardly ever becomes a reality. So, I buckled down and made some suitcase magic happen. Here’s all of what’s in my bag.

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Paragary’s Midtown Preview


Randy Paragary’s namesake restaurant has been a cornerstone in Sacramento since 1983, but tomorrow marks a new beginning. With a closure of nearly a year and a million dollar revamp, the team is ready to re-open its doors with a new attitude and aesthetic. I was thrilled to get a sneak peek last week.

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