dove pure care dry oil   Me and my hair. Well, we’ve got a thing going on and have for a few years. My naturalista came to fruition one night in July of 2011 when I mustered the courage to cut off my chemically straightened hair in the bathroom and came out with a baby fro. Over the past few years, I’ve played with different shapes of my shorter coif and with that has come the trial and error of many products. Of course when the chance to try the new Dove Pure Care Dry Oil system came around, I gladly accepted. Read more

When LUNA bar reached out to me about this year’s LUNAFEST and a woman game changer in my life, I thought it would be easy to write but it actually proved rather difficult. My mother Theresa is the woman game changer of my life no contest and I wasn’t sure I wanted to talk about her on the blog again. But then I thought if she were still alive, I would probably talk about her even more. She might’ve actually co-blogged with me, so then I put my hesitation to the side and started to write this post.

momYou know, it’s really hard to believe that my mother has been gone almost half my life. Even though I feel her void everyday – and some days more than others, there is so much around me to remind me that she was a game changer. I could go on and on about how wonderful of a woman she was and how she is the inspiration behind my blog (the “Theresa Deal” is a thing because of her bargain shopping) but one part of her that I have grown a larger respect for as I’ve gotten older is how she always put family first. She loved, loved, loved our family with everything in her. She was the baby of the bunch, but seemed to always be taking care of or helping guide another. When she was struggling to take care of me and to also look after her independent but aging mother, she relocated her grandmother who had early onset Alzheimer’s to California to live with us so she wouldn’t have to go into a nursing home. I was nine years old when this happened and while it seemed like it was a fairly manageable lifestyle since I never wanted for anything, in hindsight, I don’t know how the hell she did it! I would say with strength, patience, prayer and a good support system. Sometimes I run into old friends of hers and they each have a special story that they share about her from during that time. She was a game changer for them, too.

About a year before her death, she made some pivotal moves in her life to start taking care of herself more. It always hurt me that right when she had a chance to do what she wanted to do, she passed away. I’d confide in family members and close family friends about this, and despite us all agreeing that her life was cut too short, they remind me of all of the things she did before I came along. She always lived by her rules. She travelled. She was in a band. She had fun. Then she decided to slow it down, and that’s when she decided she wanted to be a mother. My mother. She would call it the best adventure of her life. And I know this because it’s in writing. ;)

She still inspires me, and I’m proud that my mom is amongst a group of women game changers in the world. It makes me happy to know that LUNAFEST is all about celebrating and inspiring women through film by showcasing courageous and interesting stories that may not have had a chance to shine…the stories of game changers. Maybe it’s your mother, or a neighbor, or someone you’ve never even met. If you didn’t know, LUNAFEST is put on by LUNA Bar, the whole nutrition bar for women. Over the past 14 years, LUNAFEST has raised 2.5 million dollars to date for the Breast Cancer Fund and other nonprofits around the country. This season, LUNAFEST will reach over 150 cities to showcase women game changers in film. You don’t want to miss it when it comes to your city. Check out the list of events, and be sure to watch the LUNAFEST trailer, too.

I’d also love to hear who the woman game changer in your life is. Leave her name in the comments. :)



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Hey y’all!

Hope you’re enjoying your Tuesday. It’s still pretty warm here in Sacramento, and there’s nothing better than sitting on a patio, enjoying a cool beverage, doing a little work and people watching, too. This time, I chose the Chocolate Fish Coffee patio. The East Sac one is in my neighborhood and is a great place to read, gather and enjoy some killer coffee and teas. There are two locations and both have super friendly staff. This location was closing as Christie and I took pictures on the patio, but they didn’t rush us out, which was very nice.

CSP_3603r for web

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Hello and Happy Monday!

I hope the weekend treated you right. I was able to spend some time with my family and enjoy some old school at a concert on Saturday. If you know me, you know there ain’t no party like an old school party, so I was definitely in my element. Made it that much better to have my cousins with me. SO MUCH has been happening over here, but I wanted to let you know of some of the latest going on:

If you follow me on social media, then this isn’t news to you, but it’s still very exciting! I had the pleasure of working with Macy’s last week as a stylist on a Men’s Fall Fashion TV segment. It’s going to be a while before the temps fully cool down here in Sacramento, so layering is essential. macys good day sacramentoI took that approach when styling the gentlemen that were featured. It was great to work with a diverse range of gents and their personalities sure did shine through in the segment.

Have a look at the segment on the Good Day Sacramento website:

Many thanks to the folks at Macy’s for making it all possible, and to Cast Images for the great talent!



And that doesn’t stop the Good Day Sacramento train. I also modeled for friend of the blog Love Bellissima! love bellissimaRemembered when I introduced you to them in this post? Well, the boutique is gearing up for fall and showed some fun ways to mix it up with the change of seasons. Monique did a most fabulous job presenting the looks and conveying Love Bellissima’s mission – they’re more than just a boutique.

Check us out and here are links to the segment:


bhgstylemakerI’m headed to NYC tomorrow night red-eye for a few days to attend the Better Homes and Gardens Stylemaker event. I CANNOT wait. It’s going to be a day full of learning, mingling and fun. There are several bloggers that I’ve been following that will also be in attendance and I’m so excited (and a little nervous) to meet them in person. Be sure to follow me on Instagram and Twitter, because I have a feeling I will be kicking my sharing in high gear!



health ade kombuchaLots of running around right? And that’s in addition to my professional life and personal. Even though it seems like I am sometimes moving a mile a minute, I really do my best to make conscious food choices, and the fluids I put in my body are equally important. In addition to guzzling lots and lots of water, my two main fuels of choice are kombucha and fresh juice. My friends at Whole Foods Sacramento hooked me up with a new favorite: Health Ade Kombucha. Have you hopped on the kombucha train yet? Well, it’s really good for you. It is made from fermented tea, so you’re still getting the antioxidants and vitamins, but also pro-biotics and live cultures. The taste of Health Ade was amazing and I’ll be stopping by the whole foods in New York to get my fix, for sure. You should stop by your local store to get yours too. ;)


Have a great start to your week!





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I hope you had a lovely Labor Day weekend and a smooth transition to the week. The good news is Friday is just a few days away.

One of my favorite things about working downtown during the summer months is the amount of weekday farmers’ markets there are. I do a good job of making sure I eat lots of fruits and veggies, but it is fun to interact with the farmers, sample some treats, see some produce that I’ve never seen before and force myself to try something new. One of the markets is on Capitol Mall, which really is the gateway to Sacramento in my eyes. Look one way and you’ll see the lovely Tower Bridge, look the other way and you’ll see the Capitol building. It’s one that brings out everyone at lunch time, so you better get your butt out there for the best picks.


farmers market


farmers' market fashion


farmers market fashion

capitol mall farmers market

floppy hat


capitol mall farmers market


gladiator sandals

Dress + Earrings: Gap Factory

Hat: J. Crew Factory

Sandals: Gifted from my cousin (you may have seen them on Instagram)

Bracelet: Forever 21

Bags: Vintage Coach (pouch), GOOD: design market (tote)

No matter which market you attend or what city you live in, you want to be armed with a few tips before going.

1. Bring a reusable bag(s) for all of your goodies.

2. Don’t be the person whipping out a $20 bill to buy a pound of produce. Bring smaller bills with you.

3.  Walking around the market before purchasing anything is always a good idea if you want to find the best deals. Also while you may not have the best pick, prices are slashed the last hour of the market.

4. Bring an appetite! A lot of farmers’ markets have food and other specialty vendors that you may want to try.

Hopefully you find my tips helpful! For more tips and a listing of Downtown Sac farmers’ markets, click here.



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Photos by Christie Spencer Photography



I hope your week is going well. Birthday celebrations were wonderful last week. Thank you for all of your birthday wishes! You can catch some of the action looking up #tlgbirthday on Twitter and Instagram. The last activity in “celebration” was Hops ‘N Chicory, an event hosted by the folks at California Endive.

Local bloggers and restauranteurs were invited to enjoy the festivities. For my day job, I work (and eat) a lot with restaurants in Downtown Sac so I was able to enjoy this perk. Hops and Chicory are two key elements that are used to produce beer and endive, which are two local gems.

First order of business. You are probably saying endive wrong. It’s ON-DEEV.

We started with a tour of the Ruhstaller Beer farm and later enjoyed an endive centric dinner at the Collins Farm with beer pairings! JE Paino, the mastermind behind Ruhstaller took us into the hop fields and gave us the 411 on how Ruhstaller came to be. If you’re a Sacramentan and you’re into craft beer, Ruhstaller is a name you know. The history dates back all the way to 1881 (which you can read about here), but Ruhstaller Beer has made a resurgence in the past few years. In Sacramento there is an underground taproom (and I’m a member of their club – yaya), but having the farm experience just brought my appreciation for the brew full circle.

Following a cool-down session with a fresh beer in the event area, we went down about a half mile to the Collins Farm for dinner.

Before dining, we learned more about endive and got a chance to hear it from the man who made California Endive to what it is today: Rich Collins. Endive production begins with a chicory root that’s harvested from the field. It’s then taken to a cellar-like space where the bud on the chicory root grows again, producing a single endive in about a month’s time. One calorie per leaf, high in fiber, good source of potassium – the health benefits are too great. I can’t make that stuff up! 

After we got a peek of what endives look like before and after, we hit the deck area for some food. Oh my lord. Endive appetizers, grilled endive salad, potato salad with endives and some poached King Salmon (courtesy of the Salmon Council) with fresh pesto, and a delicious blackberry crisp for dessert. And, we were sent home with packs of endives to enjoy!

I was absolutely blown away by their hospitality and passion for what they grow. I have a new found respect for those who grow my food and the extra care they put into it to make sure it’s the best.

I’m an amateur, but please enjoy some of the pictures I took. I was too engrossed with my plate to take any pictures of that!




The current lineup.


A little Cudera and Cornhole with Stephanie of 52 Kitchen Adventures and her hubby.


Tour of the farm.


 Sticky and fragrant hops!



Check out the transformation!



I had to contain myself… these were too good. Endive with chevre and peach..or maybe it was nectarine!


Some of the spread.



More Ruhstaller Beer



Many thanks to California Endive and Ruhstaller Beer for a lovely evening!



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Today is my birthday y’all! I am 27 years old. It’s not a milestone birthday, but actually as I typed that, I correct myself and say that any birthday that you are able to see is a milestone birthday. Thank you God for another year!

Looking back on last year’s birthday post, I would have never imagined that I would be here – and I mean that in the best way possible. I told myself last year that I would seize the day more. I am happy to report that I haven’t faltered from that mission. I haven’t waited for things and opportunities to come my way. I’ve gone out and sought them. If they weren’t there, I created them. Honestly, I didn’t even know that would be possible for me until I tried. Especially for this little blog. A blog that barely had a pulse and has now turned into a business. But it feels good, and I feel like I could cry (happy tears, of course).

To commemorate entering my 27th year of life, I decided I wanted to do an outfit post at Rick’s Dessert Diner, which recently changed locations in Sacramento after over 25 years (only a couple of blocks away). The interior still has the same nostalgia as the original, and even more dessert.

CSP_3213r for web


CSP_3217r for web


CSP_3209r for web


CSP_3270r for web


CSP_3234r for web


CSP_3301r for web


CSP_3282r for web


CSP_3289r for web

This year I’m going to have my cake… and eat it too, damnit! And in case you’re wondering what kind, it is chocolate fudge. :)

 Dress: Old Navy (on sale now)

Necklace + Earrings: Be Fierce Boutique

Bracelet + Rings: Mom + Grandma’s

Shoes: Prabal Gurung for Target

Purse: Coach via Article Consignment Boutique

Thank you so so so much for supporting The Lipstick Giraffe. The support I’ve had has continued to push me to keep going – in all aspects of my life. If every year is as big as year 26 was for me, then year 27 is going to knock my socks off. I’m celebrating this week with a show, happy hours, and lots and lots of delicious food! Full report next week! :)



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Photos by Christie Spencer Photography - Thank you, Christie for such awesome pictures!