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I’m always looking for versatility in the items I wear and that’s what I found in this cargo jacket. When I lived in San Francisco, it seemed as though every girl had one and when I caved and bought one for myself, I had a “now, I get it” moment.

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ritual skin_facial

I’ve been blessed with really good genes, but even those with good genes need to do a little bit of maintenance, especially during the winter months. That’s where my esthetician Melissa comes in. She’s the face behind Ritual Skin here in Sacramento and she’s been doing my facials since summer when she opened up her space. Because we’re all trying to preserve the sexy, I asked her what her top five tips for winter skin care were to share with all of you.

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Testing, testing – is this thing on? Hey y’all!

Yes, I am still here, alive and well.

I was taking a “holiday hiatus” if you will, focused on spending time with loved ones and doing lots of self care. Despite a couple of detours, 2014 was a good year for me, and an even better one for The Lipstick Giraffe. As I put this post together, I couldn’t believe all that I accomplished, all while working full time and doing my best to be a good daughter and friend. But I did it! Here are some highlights of my 2014 as The Lipstick Giraffe:

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