dove pure care dry oil Me and my hair. Well, we’ve got a thing going on and have for a few years. My naturalista came to fruition one night in July of 2011 when I mustered the courage to cut off my chemically straightened hair in the bathroom and came out with a baby fro. Over the past few years, I’ve played with different shapes of my shorter coif and with that has come the trial and error of many products. Of course when the chance to try the new Dove Pure Care Dry Oil system came around, I gladly accepted. Read more

momWhen LUNA bar reached out to me about this year’s LUNAFEST and a woman game changer in my life, I thought it would be easy to write but it actually proved rather difficult. My mother Theresa is the woman game changer of my life no contest and I wasn’t sure I wanted to talk about her on the blog again. But then I thought if she were still alive, I would probably talk about her even more. She might’ve actually co-blogged with me, so then I put my hesitation to the side and started to write this post.








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Hey y’all!

Hope you’re enjoying your Tuesday. It’s still pretty warm here in Sacramento, and there’s nothing better than sitting on a patio, enjoying a cool beverage, doing a little work and people watching, too. This time, I chose the Chocolate Fish Coffee patio. The East Sac one is in my neighborhood and is a great place to read, gather and enjoy some killer coffee and teas. There are two locations and both have super friendly staff. This location was closing as Christie and I took pictures on the patio, but they didn’t rush us out, which was very nice.

CSP_3603r for web

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